Mom, There's nothing to eat

Making meals out of nothing at all


Welcome to my blog…Mom, There’s nothing to eat! I hope this blog will become a reference for all you mothers out there that just can’t seem to keep your kids fed. I will include recipes…the good, the bad and the ugly… tips on feeding the hungry masses, and of course, funny stories about my kitchen…and there are a lot of those!!!

I’m a mother of two teens who are endlessly hungry! However…they aren’t hungry enough to eat just anything. Oh no…you see my daughter and I are differing types of vegetarians…I eat fish and dairy…my daughter eats chicken, fish and dairy, and my son and husband are meatatarians…they eat meat, but nary a vegetable touches their lips. OK not entirely true…they don’t eat tomatoes, but  ketchup and tomato soup is OK!? I know…sounds impossible right?

Well, with any luck, this blog will not only help you but also me. You see, I try A LOT of recipes…not all of them are good…but the ones that are, I like to keep track of. So this blog will be a record of all my trials! Feel free to comment the recipes and give me some tips! Even add a recipe of your own if you like!

And as if that weren’t fun enough… we’ve started a new feat…the Brooks family is going to cook their way through the Betty Crocker “Everything You Need To Know To Cook Today” Cookbook. We’re calling it “The Brooks Cook With Betty” Challenge. There are 925 recipes in this book and we…the entire family… are going to saute, bake and broil our way through them all! Should be interesting!

Here goes!!!


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