It’s the weekend!!! WOOHOOO!!! TGIF!! We’re meeting friends for dinner and drinks at our local Stonewood Grill. After we made our reservations, I decided to check their menu (yes, my new hobby is researching my food choices before arriving, just so I know if I need to sneak a vegan meal in my purse)  Uh oh – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING VEGAN on the menu. Crap! Well, maybe it’s no biggie. I mean they probably won’t notice my Buddha Bowl dinner in Gladware, right?

Well, never fear, my vegan friends, I was indeed able to eat off real plates with the rest of my party! Thanks to an attentive waitress and eager chef. Yep, I spoke up and asked the waitress if she would suggest anything for a vegan meal. Instead of dismissing me, she said she’d talk to the chef. I still wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise they came up with a wonderful plate full of grilled vegetables, including tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini and squash, onions, potatoes. It was amazingly delicious! I wish I had a photo to show you, but I was so excited, I forgot!

So, what I learned from this experience, is don’t be shy. Speak up and ask for something off the menu. You may get shot down, but you may just be pleasantly surprised! Thank you Stonewood Grill Heathrow, for a wonderful dining experience!