My biggest fear about going vegan is trying to eat at a restaurant. How do you know what’s in your food? Don’t all chefs have a 5 pound block of butter in a hip clip? Well, I decided to face my fears and give it a try. We were at our local Whole Foods enjoying a drink as we browsed the aisles. We were planning on eating there, but it was crowded and towards the end of the night, so the buffet wasn’t looking the freshest, and many items (all the ones I wanted) were completely gone. So we went to Pei Wei which was right next door. Like a good newbie vegan, I looked on line and read what many vegans eat there and had my mind made up. Then when I went to order,  the cashier confused me and I went off script. I ordered a tofu and veggie mix with quinoa instead of rice. He assured me it was vegan and I believed him.

It looked beautiful! However, the quinoa had a weird taste, like they used seafood broth when making it. I ate about half of it and it was delicious! But my body didn’t care for it at all! My stomach started hurting within an hour of eating.  And let’s just say the night went downhill from there.

So I learned a valuable lesson – stick to the script! Don’t let the ragtag, (word of the day) butter-loving chefs ruin your meal! Stay strong!img_1795Word of the Day – Ragtag – def. ragged, unkempt