As much as I love to cook, there are those days that I’m just so tired and hangry (hunger to the point of anger, a common problem in my life) that I can’t – or as my daughter would say “I can’t even.” For these nights, my non-vegan go to meal was a Smart Ones® Santa Fe Rice frozen dinner and a handful or two of tortilla chips. Can you say SALT-LOVER! Initially, I thought this was still an option for me as the Smart Ones® website considers this dish vegetarian. Well, yes it doesn’t include any meat, but that white sauce on top is cheese, oooey-gooey cheese.

fullsizeoutput_65d3So my mission is to find an alternative quick, easy and delicious frozen meal that is vegan/plant based and somewhat healthy. Off to Publix! Surprisingly, I found a rather wide variety of vegan choices. But, be aware, there are vegetarian, vegan and meat eater dinners all displayed together. Be sure to read the labels and check the ingredients.

fullsizeoutput_65d4I chose Kashi because I’m familiar with the company and I really liked their pictures. The Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl was speaking to me! After reading the nutrition label, I concluded that while its a little higher in sodium and fat than I like, the high protein, fiber, vitamin A and C qualify it as a healthy vegan dinner. Not to mention that a quick 5 minutes and it’s ready to eat! And most importantly, it was delicious! I adjure (Word of the Day) this dinner is a viable choice for a healthy, vegan, quick and easy, frozen dinner.

Word of the Day: adjure – def. to command solemnly under or as if under oath or penalty of a curse