I woke up this morning excited to start day 1 of my new vegan/plant-based lifestyle. I popped out of bed and sprinted to my magical Keurig machine for my daily dose of caffeine. But, as I watched the luscious brown java drip into my cup, I happened to read the label on my non-dairy creamer and BAM, there it was. Casein, that pesky milk protein that hides in processed foods like non-dairy creamer. Major frowny face!

Step 1 in my vegan/plant-based lifestyle shift has become clear; figure out a coffee creamer substitute. You see, I’m a cup-a-day girl and that cup needs to be a creamy, sugary delicacy. Lately, I’ve been on the powder creamer and sugar-in-the-raw recipe. It makes for a carmel-y flavor that delights my taste-buds. So that’s the goal, creamy, sugary, carmel-y, yumminess that is dairy-free. Time for a google search.

I found tons of recipes to make my own vegan creamer, but of course, I didn’t have the ingredients. No time for shopping now.  This caffeine needs to get into my body quickly, so we must improvise. I found some unsweetened soy milk in the pantry which will suffice for the creaminess. But what about the sugar? I want to eat clean and unprocessed, so regular sugar is out. But ALAS, I found a bottle of 100% pure maple syrup while digging through my pantry. So for today my creamer will be made up of soy milk and maple syrup.

But stay tuned as I work my way through the hundreds of creamer recipes.

In a Pinch Vegan Creamer

1/2 cup unsweetened soy milk (I said I like it creamy)

2 teaspoons of maple syrup (real pure maple syrup not pancake syrup)

So here’s a little nutritional info about this creamer. After reading the pros and cons of a vegan diet, I found out that the one thing most vegans don’t get through their plant-based diet is vitamin B12. It’s recommended that vegans take B12 supplement or eat foods fortified with B12. Good news, the unsweetened soy milk I have has 50% of the recommended daily allowance in a one cup serving. Yay me!