I’m trying to eat clean in 2012. “What is clean?” you ask. Hmm, good question. It seems there are many different meanings and degrees of “clean eating” to choose from. Sigh.

I define clean eating as a diet full of natural whole foods. Think about eating foods that look the same on your plate as they do in nature, with little to no processing or other ingredients added. Like an apple, cucumber, tomato, etc. If I can get organic, then all the better, but I don’t always. I have to remind you that I’m a vegetarian, or rather a pescetarian (I eat fish or pesce it Italian), so I don’t have the image of a cow or chicken sitting on my plate. But if you do, then try to buy organic, grass fed, free range, or farm raised products.

I’ve been trying to come up with nutritious, filling recipes that are clean and appeal to everyone. This is tough to do in my house, with all the child eaters (yes my hubs is considered a child eater), but this one actually worked. You see, my family loves pizza (mostly) and I’ve been craving a slice of pizza pie, but I didn’t want to blow my resolution. So, I decided to make a slice that would satisfy my family, my craving and my resolution… and let me use my newly made pitas! That’s right… I made pita pockets… yes from scratch! They are soo easy and oddly rewarding when they actually puff up. Are you wondering why I don’t just buy them at the store? Well, I looked at the ingredient list on the pre-made ones and didn’t think they were clean, according to my definition. So I found a recipe and made my own. See my blog post here. Bonus: They make a GREAT thin crust for pizza!!!

Pita Pizzas By Me

  • Pita Pockets (1 per person)
  • 1 can organic crushed tomatoes
  • 1 teaspoon garlic
  • Mozzarella Cheese, shredded
  • Optional toppings: mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni, onion, sweet peppers, banana peppers, etc.
  • Oregano
  1. Cut the pita along outer edge to create to thin crusts. If you like a thicker crust, skip this step.
  2. For a crispier crust, broil your split pita until just slightly browned or toasted.
  3. If you like smooth sauce, blend the crushed tomatoes and garlic into a smooth puree.
  4. Spread sauce onto each pita crust.
  5. Top with mozzarella, oregano and optional toppings.
  6. Bake at 350ºF until cheese is melted.