So my son wanted to ask his girlfriend to Prom in a special and memorable, yet original way.  We went through all the options including roses,  a poem, a cute video, cupcakes with chocolate letters on top (like his Birthday cupcakes), etc. He said her favorite things are McDonald’s, Coca-cola, Twizzlers and bacon.  And guess which of these he chose…yup…bacon!! So off to the grocery he went, only to return with 2 lbs of bacon, 2 packs of Twizzlers and Coca-cola. WHAT?!?! Yeah, he couldn’t decide what to do, so he bought it all! After much deliberation and a lot of guidance from his friends… the decision was to spell out P-R-O-M-? in bacon. Yeah, and guess who got to cook all this bacon and shape it into letters? Ummmhmmm… the vegetarian Mom! Good thing I don’t mind cooking meat-stuff!  It did come out really cute! And I added the heart!

Oh… and she said… YES!!!!

Ummm,  one question…will the corsage have to be out of bacon too? I hope not!

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