Yesterday was a brisk day in FLA. Well, brisk compared to our normal 78°F sunny winter days. I know, I know…all of you northerners hate it when we rub it in, but we really just can’t help it! It’s so much fun!!! Anyway, I was feeling like a nice hot bowl of chili. Now, normally, when I make chili, there’s not much left, however, the kids were both out doing their own thing, so it was just the hubs and me. Of course, we tried to eat it all, but just couldn’t do it. So… we had a lot of leftovers. Then, in typical Florida-weather fashion, the cold disappeared overnight and it’s back up to a sunny 78°F. (Yup, still fun!!) The point being, it’s not really chili weather anymore…So it’s time to get creative with the leftovers! Oooww, I think I hear the chili Dogs a barkin’!

Chili Dogs


  • Chili – either leftover or a can, vegetarian or meat, beans or no beans…the options are endless
  • Hot Dogs – All Beef, Turkey, Meat (?), Veggie…again nothing but options
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Hot Dog Buns
  • Chopped onion – optional
  • Sour Cream – optional


  1. Heat (or reheat) chili.
  2. Cook hot dogs according to package directions
  3. Place hot dog in bun and top with chili and shredded cheese and onion if desired
  4. Heat in microwave just until cheese melts
  5. Top with sour cream if desired

My daughter has NEVER in her 13 – oops… almost 14 years of life had a chili dog!!! REALLY?!?! How could I have deprived her for so long!? She loved them!!! So much, in fact, that SHE made herself another!!! YES…SHE made it!!! She took time away from Facebook/Tumblr to actually construct her own chili dog…now that’s saying something!!! Needless to say…she loved it! And so did I! The boys weren’t around for dinner, so they don’t get to vote. That’ll teach ’em!

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