OK, so this isn’t really a recipe… but it is a REALLY good idea!!! My husband was making himself lunch… Sloppy Joes…and he asked if he could use one of the sub rolls I bought for the kids’ lunches instead of a hamburger bun. No biggie, same principle… bread with BBQ shredded beef on it. OH NOOOOO…. he took it a step farther! He carved a slot out of one end of the roll, and then filled this slot with the meat stuffs… or should I say stuffing?!?!? GENIUS!!!! Absolutely GENIUS!!! I think he should patent this architectural feat!!! Just think… no more sloppy joe stains to clean off that shirt/pants/seat!!! BRILLIANT!!!! He’s so cute!!!! Oh, and smart!!! Now, let’s see if I can get him a manicure… looks like he needs it!!!


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