OK, OK… let me start by saying that I am sorry for the long break in posts! I’ve been a little lax in writing, well and for that matter… cooking! Oh and shopping, too! You see I returned to college!! GASP, CHOKE and GASP AGAIN!!! YES I am O-L-D-E-R than 98% of the students on campus. But I decided, (with a little prodding from my friend, Janet) to return to the local Community College where I started some 20 years ago and finish what I started! You see, I started taking classes back in 1990-ish just because my employer at the time would pay my tuition if I received decent grades. That’s quite a perk! Well, in 1991, I married my longtime boyfriend and we moved to Munich, Germany! Great for the travel bug part of me, but not so good for the student that I had become. We moved back home to FLA 2 years later, and I started right back into school. BUT… my hubs got a new job in Raleigh, NC, oh… and I got pregnant, so the student lost out AGAIN! Two kids and a ton of diapers later, we moved back to FLA…AGAIN!!! But with the kids and PTA and the house, oh yeah…and the party girlz… I didn’t have time to take classes. Fast forward 12 years and here I was still a college non-graduate! Long story short… no, long story long…. I mustered my courage and went to admissions. To my surprise, all my credits were still good AND, I was only 5 classes away from my AA degree! Oh, and my GPA…. 4.0!!!!!! So the pressure was on, not only to finish, but to finish with a 4.0 GPA!!! I am happy to report that I graduated in December, 2010 … summa cum laude!!! YAY ME!!!!

Needless to say… my family was SCREAMING… MOM, THERE’S NOTHING TO EAT!!!! And they were right! I have to say we spent a TON of $$$ eating out every night. Moe’s Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wiener Wednesday …HAHAHA … kidding about that last one! But seriously, we ate out at least one meal a day. And the food we did eat at home was preservative filled, ready to eat crap!

SO… my New Year’s Resolution for 2011, get back to cooking meals in the kitchen! Oh and GET A JOB!! One of those is rather easy, the other…come to find out…not so easy! Getting back to cooking, is like coming home again! I missed creating meals and trying to be creative and shhhhhh a tad bit sneaky with my ingredients! But I am back and I hope you will enjoy my new smarter meals! (Get it… smarter…cuz I’m a graduate now!! LOL!!! I crack myself up!)

Anyway, stay tuned….

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