So, my other resolution for 2011, was to GET A JOB. Me and about a million other Americans. RIGHT?! I somehow figured this wouldn’t be that difficult, being that I have experience in … well… everything! You name a job, I have probably tried it at one time of another. But, things have changed since I last applied for a job. Now, everything is online and there is no real-life person to speak to or charm with your dazzling smile. 😀 If you don’t look good on paper, then you probs won’t get that email or text telling you… your hired! I’ve figured out that being a stay at home mom, while filled with MANY tasks and challenges, does not really translate into real employment experience. So, what’s a girl… oh who am I fooling… middle aged lady…to do?

I am creating my own job! Not my own company… cuz I’ve been there and done that a couple times too! No, I am creating a position in the family… a payed position! Yes, my paycheck will come out of the family budget… AND the hubs will be more than happy to pay me more and more $$ the more successful I am! Any guesses? EEEWWWW… Get your minds out of the gutter!!! That’s a job I have never tried!

I am the cash conservation officer, also known as the CCO, for Brooks Enterprises. Sounds so official doesn’t it? I think I may get some business cards made! So, you’re probably asking “What do you do?” and “How much money do you make?” Well, my job is to save the “company” money in every way possible. And my salary… the money I save!!! Brilliant!! Right?!?! I know, I am just too smart! I spend my time researching the latest deals in everything from groceries (big bucks to be made here), clothing and entertainment. I keep a ledger of all the purchases I make on behalf of the company and how much I save. I total this up each week and that’s my paycheck. YAY ME!!!!!

Ok, so let me give you an example…Valentine’s Day is next week and I like to have Valentine’s candy around for decoration and snacks. I decided to buy Valentine’s M&M’s and went to my local grocery store. I bought 3 bags and I had 2 coupons and still ended up paying $9.03. Now I love M&M’s, but ooouuuccchhhh! So I came home and looked in the store inserts from the paper and found out that CVS had a special on their Valentine’s M&M’s!! I could get 2 packs for $5 and I would get $1 Extra Bucks (a coupon that can be used on any future purchase). Then… I had a manufacturer’s coupon for $1.50 off 2 packs!!! OK, I head into CVS and I scan my Extra Card in the little machine at the front of the store and POW…$5 Extra Bucks… and …$3 off Revlon Cosmetics!!! Sooooo, how much did I save? Well, I actually bought more than the M&M’s in order to take advantage of the Revlon coupon too. I did need some lip gloss anyway!!! No really…. I did!!  So here’s my purchase

2 bags of M&M’s, 1 Revlon Lip Gloss, 1 pack of Stride Sparkle Gum (it was free!!!)

With my coupons and Extra Bucks I paid $5.01… But I received $6 in Extra Bucks for my next trip, so it was like I got paid $1 for shopping there!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

How do I figure out my salary? Well, on the receipt there is a section just under the total that states how much $$ I saved on today’s trip…$14.08!!! Not bad!!! This takes into account any savings due to sales, coupons and awards. I spent 5 minutes in the store and I saved or rather made $14.08!!! I love my new job!!!

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