A picture's worth a 1000 words!

If the kids thought there was nothing to eat before, wait until they get a load of this!! Yeah, I’m sick of buying food and watching it rot, so I decided to quit buying food all together. Let’s see what they say now…

KIDDING!!! Actually my refrigerator died, or rather took a little tropical vacation. Instead of a crisp 36°, it was hovering around 60°. Now this all started around the time I was leaving for my annual girls’ weekend. Of course I didn’t have time to deal with it then, so I left in the capable hands of my hubs. HAHAHAHA!!! I came home 4 days later to a stench that was so nasty I couldn’t even bring myself to be in the kitchen. Yeah, 2 lbs of organic ground beef smell just as bad as ground chuck when left to spoil!! Imagine if you will, broccoli & cauliflower left to rot…can’t you just smell the horror? Ok now add in the beef and the chicken…eeewwwww!!!! Now my first question was… how could my family live with this smell for an entire weekend? Do their sniffers not work or what! Second question… why wouldn’t someone move the perishables into the garage refrigerator? It’s only 10 steps away… and it works GREAT!!! I never got an answer to either question!

Well, as you can imagine, after an entire weekend of partying with my girls, I was in no shape to deal with the refrigerator! So I went to sleep, and tackled it the next morning before the trash guys came! I donned my mask and rubber gloves and just started chucking… uh… everything! 2 dozen eggs, mayonnaise, milk, cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt!!! And this is all that’s left!  Nothing!!!

Yes kids… say it with me…”Mom, There’s Nothing To Eat!!!!”

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