Delicious Tiramisu

So after making homemade ravioli, marinara, and Italian bread for our family Italian dinner night, I needed a quick and easy dessert. Something that was still in the Italian realm, but nothing that would take me until midnight to make. My hubs and I love Tiramisu, but I’ve never tried to make it. I’ve heard it’s a little difficult to get right…yes I’m a chicken…bauk, bauk!! But being the persistent little person that I am, I searched the web and came up with…you guessed it…a Food Network recipe by Rachel Ray, named “Quick Tiramisu” and I was sold! The hardest part of this recipe was finding Lady Fingers and Mascarpone cheese. But after an hour of searching and 2 helpful grocery employees, I finally found everything I need. And away I went!!!

****Blog Note****

For those of you that haven’t visited my blog before, I want to point out that the original recipe will be in black and my comments, tweaks and opinions will be in red.

Quick Tiramisu

Recipe courtesy Rachael Ray


•    1 package lady fingers sponge cakes I made four martini-glass sized desserts and I barely had enough…but I dropped one in the coffee liqueur (and then I ate it, WOO-HOO, )… and my dog ate one that fell on the floor…that one was not soaked in liqueur!
•    1/2 cup strong black coffee or espresso I have a Kuerig so I made a small cup with a full filter so it would be strong!
•    2 ounces (shots) coffee flavor liqueur And now I have a whole bottle of coffee liqueur…I must find more recipes!
•    2 cups mascarpone cheese, available in specialty cheese case of supermarket My local grocery had it but it was hiding under another type of cheese. Frustrating!
•    1/2 cup powdered confectioners’ sugar
•    1/4 cup cocoa powder
•    1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon Ooops, I think I forgot to add the cinnamon


Open the ladyfingers and separate them. Paint the ladyfingers with coffee combined with the coffee liqueur using a pastry brush. Line 4 martini glasses with a single layer of ladyfingers, letting the cakes overlap a bit at the stem. Press the cakes down a bit to fit the lines of the glass. Beat cheese and sugar together 2 or 3 minutes. Spoon sweetened mascarpone into glasses. I used an ice cream scoop, which made them look really cute. Top glasses off with a cap of the ladyfingers. Now, Rachel showed two lady fingers laying across the top, but as I said I didn’t have enough, so I broke them in half and stuck them into the sweetened cheese. Use any remaining mascarpone to dot the ladyfinger tops (skipped that whole dot thingy) and sprinkle each glass with cocoa powder combined with a touch of cinnamon. Yeah, totally forgot about the cinnamon, but I did the cocoa!

My husband and I LOVED it! My daughter liked it but said it was kind of a strong coffee flavor…in other words, the liqueur was too strong for her! Good girl!