I got a crazy idea after seeing the movie “Julie and Julia”…what if we, The Brooks Family, try to cook our way through a cookbook? It actually sounds fun right? Ok…rather time consuming, but it’s an intriguing idea. The trick would be choosing the right cookbook. Julia Child as fabulous as she is… is not our kind of cook, what with all her French cuisine. Yeah, uh…my family searched out every American restaurant in Paris when we were there, last summer!

The cookbook will be very important since we have vegetarians and meatatarians in this family, not to mention multiple likes and dislikes due to texture and taste. Maybe a baking cookbook would be the best choice? Sweet and yummy…but…no! You see, my kids each have to make a meal a week. My son ALWAYS makes tacos…not that that’s a bad thing…I just want him to branch out a little bit. Now, my daughter has taken cooking classes, so she can make just about anything, but usually sticks to the pre-made frozen dinners or boxed mac-n-chez that she can heat up and serve without too much effort. I need to push their limits a little bit! Their future families will thank me!

So, I looked in my cookbook collection….you know the ones over my stove…that I haven’t used in years. Well…who needs a cookbook when you have the interwebs! Anyway, I thought about the Moosewood Vegetarian Cookbooks, but that would not make the meatatarians very happy. Then, there’s the Cooking Light Annual Cookbook…however, if it says “LIGHT” the men in the family will not eat it! So, the only one left was the Betty Crocker Cookbook, 40th Anniversary Edition…it’s not a bad idea. I mean, we would get a well-rounded menu and the kids could learn the basics. My only problem with this book was that it was 20 years old…and it’s a little out of date…for the kids. So I went on the webs and found the new edition (2005)…ordered it and BAM…we are ready to start! The kids aren’t quite as excited as I am, but they will learn to love it! And if they don’t…oh well!

Now that we have the book, where do we start? I think we’re going to start at the beginning, Appetizers & Beverages,  and go from there.  However…if we want to make multiple dishes for one meal then we can stick a post-it over it with the date we made it and move on. So, we could feasibly work through 4 or 5 recipes in just a single meal!!! This may go faster than I expected!

Grab your apron and get your copy of the Betty Crocker Cookbook and let’s get cooking!!