My new toy!

OK, so as I’m sure everyone knows, the weather has been a little extreme lately! I’ve lived in Florida for many years, and I have never seen it this cold! I can’t seem to warm up! I have three layers of clothes on and I’m wrapped in my N.A.P. Blanket with a space heater at my feet and yet I’m still cold! The only thing that seems to help is a cup of steaming hot coffee! And another…and another!!! And now, I don’t have to make a whole pot and drink the nasty burnt stuff at the bottom of the pot…YAY!!!! “Why?” you ask…cause I got a Keurig Coffee Maker for Christmas! You know,  the machine that makes a single cup of hot, aromatic coffee at the press of a button! I LOVE IT! And with the weather like it is, I’ve been using it NON-STOP!! Which would explain the jitters I’ve been experiencing lately!

Now I wasn’t sold on this machine when I first saw it. You see, I’m kind of a coffee snob. You know the type…they buy only the freshest whole bean coffee and grind it fresh every morning…or they go to Starbucks and buy a $5 cup. Yep that was me, but I have been transformed! My Mother got a Keurig and we used it when we were visiting for Thanksgiving. Initially, I wasn’t sold, but when it was snowing ( in Ohio…not FLA) and I was jones-ing for a cup, and nobody else wanted any. So, I made myself a single cup and I loved it! No wasting expensive coffee beans for just 1 cup of coffee.

OK, so I’m a tad bit green…meaning I do care about the Earth and what we do to her. And my initial reaction to this Keurig concept, was detrimental to our Mother Earth, what with each plastic pod being used only once and then discarded into the land fill. But…then I found a solution! They have a reuseable cup and filter that you put your own grounds in. SO COOL! So not only am I being super environmentally “freundlich” (as the Germans would say) but I get to grind my own beans too! SOLD!!!

I urge you to check out this little machine!! I have only begun to tap into the wonders of the Keurig!!! Like hot chocolate, tea, just plain old hot water…and my favorite pod flavor right now is…drum roll please….Kona…it’s “maikaʻi loa” which is Hawaiian for very good.