I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! And 2010 is off and running! Did you make a resolution? What was yours? To stop smoking? Maybe quit lying, (I don’t lie…damn I did it again!)? Get fit? One of mine is to spend more time with my kids and another is to continue expanding my brain by taking classes. So, I combined them and signed myself and my 12 year old daughter up for a cake decorating class. We had our first class yesterday and had a BLAST!!!

Pre-class cake decorating by me...not bad eeh?

We’re taking the Wilton Cake Decorating Class #1 from our local JoAnn’s. Yes…I have decorated cakes before, but I’ve never been taught the proper technique. I usually just wing it! But I have to say…I think my cake pictured here looks pretty good!!! No I didn’t level it, and I didn’t use the proper way to fill the cake. In fact, I thought “filling” a cake was taking a big syringe and injecting some yummy substance into the center of it. Nope…it’s simply the layer of yummy-ness that goes between the bottom layer and the top layer. I usually use frosting, but I’ve been known to use raspberry jam as I did in the cake pictured here. What I didn’t know was that if you squirt a line of frosting around the top outer edge of the bottom layer the “filling” won’t squirt out when you cut the cake! WOW! Genius! And if you put a dollop of frosting under the bottom layer, it won’t slide around when you move or cut it! Brilliant!!!

Now, I know these little tips may not sound like much, but it’s made me realize that the littlest details make perfection!! Stay tuned…I’ll share what we learn over the next 4 weeks and I’ll even share the pictures of our cakes. You see, we have to bring a cake to class each week and decorate it there. HOW FUN!!!

Happy Baking!!!