Welcome to my new blog…Mom, There’s nothing to eat! I hope this blog will become a reference for all you mothers out there that just can’t seem to keep your kids fed. I will include recipes…the good, the bad and the ugly… tips on feeding the hungry masses, and of course, funny stories about my kitchen…and there are a lot of those!!!

I’m a mother of two teens who are endlessly hungry! However…they are not hungry enough to eat just anything. Oh no…you see my daughter and I are differing types of vegetarians…I eat fish and dairy…my daughter eats chicken, fish and dairy, and my son and husband are meatatarians…they eat meat, but nary a vegetable touches their lips. OK not entirely true…they don’t eat tomatoes, but  ketchup and tomato soup is OK!? I know…sounds impossible right?

Well, with any luck, this blog will not only help you but also me. You see, I try A LOT of recipes…not all of them are good…but the ones that are, I like to keep track of. So this blog will be a record of all my trials! Feel free to comment the recipes and give me some tips! Even add a recipe of your own if you like!

Here goes!!!